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Advertising in Johnston and Wake County

Country Superstars 102.3 brings the advertising power of RADIO to local businesses in Johnston County and nearby communities! An astonishing 93% of adults across America and in our local area listen to local radio stations every week. It's America's # 1 REACH medium, and cost efficient enough to employ heavy frequency in your advertising campaign, reaching the same people in the audience multiple times, and driving your message home.


If there's room for growth in your local business, let us help inform, remind, and persuade local consumers about the products and services you offer. 

It's very affordable for small businesses, and radio exposure will lead our listeners to your business and to your other marketing platforms.


Not only can consumers respond directly or immediately to your on-air offers in your commercials, but many times they'll research what they thought they heard with an online search. That may be the name of your business, the special offer in your advertising, your slogan, or your business category in their geographical area. By the time they see the results of their search, you could be the most familiar of the resulting options.

Car Stereo Tune Ups

The Facts

Important RADIO FACTS that will help your business grow:

  • 93% of all Americans listen to the radio every week

  • Weekly usage continues to grow! The average person listens to an average of eight radio stations each week

  • Consumers want to be entertained and informed about offers and values in their community.

  • Radio listening takes NO EXTRA time, or EXPENSE. It’s free, always convenient, and is done while people are doing lots of other things, including driving, working, or enjoying leisure time!

Targeted Reach

Country Superstars 102.3 is a great way to share your local business products and services with the people who are already living, driving, and working near you. Spread the word with targeted, affordable advertising. Call us today for a consultation about the objectives of your marketing programs, and the options available to fit your budget. Or if you prefer, use the contact us form below.

(919) 989-1122

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