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New App

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Country Superstars 102.3 has a free, new app to help improve your interactive listening experience!  Once you download our app from your respective app store and open it our stream will start to play automatically.  There are multiple ways now to interact with Country Superstars, whether requesting a song, wanting to be notified when your favorite song is playing, being part of the morning show or giving a recorded audio shout-out or just listening back to the latest JoCo Morning Show on-demand!  Since our app is new if you notice a bug (more likely on Androids) please let us know.  We've listed a few features to help explain what our new app can do.  

- Stream us LIVE

- Activate notifications when you hear a song you like to know when it plays again

- Listen to the latest JoCo Morning Show and Rick Jackson's Country Classics episode on-demand

- Record audio shout-outs or comments to be part of the JoCo Morning Show for playback on the radio

- Take advantage of contests exclusively for app users only

- Participate in active polls 

- And more!

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